Ring Sizing Guide

I would recommend visiting the studio by appointment to have your size measured. Alternatively, you can visit a local jewellers to get measured.

If you can’t get to a local jeweller, please purchase a ring sizer here

I have provided the below as a guide when using the ring sizer, please note that various designs can fit slightly differently depending on weight and design of the ring so please read carefully before purchasing or contact us directly.


Rings that are less chunky and sit more flush to the thumb are best. The knuckle is the widest part, so bear this in mind when measuring. Once you’ve got the ring over the knuckle it’ll be secure.

Index Fingers

If you look at your hand, you will see and feel that the index finger tends to have a more flesh on the base of it. This means that any ring you order will fit rather snug. We often suggest increasing your ring size by +1 size which will allow you to bend your finger.

Middle and Ring Fingers

Watch out for the knuckle on the fingers, especially if the finger is narrow at the base. When choosing rings for these fingers, remember that if it comfortably slips over the knuckle, it will be far too big for the base and will more than likely swing around the finger. It’s easier to have it ½ a size smaller with a bit of a wriggle on and off, to help the ring fit better at the base.

Pinky Fingers

These fingers need extra attention because people tend to lose their rings off of these fingers all the time – especially when hands are cold or wet, or going in and out of pockets. The rule is to wear it as tight as comfortably possible and still be able to bend your finger – if it’s too tight, it’s better to loosen it than lose it.

Other Advice

Majority of Mister Lui designs are smooth inside the band and sit flush to the finger, they can feel tighter than a thinner or hollow band.

If you’re used to wearing thinner bands, please bear this in mind and increase by +1 size to what you normally wear. If you need additional help, please write to